Salute medium sidebord

6.250,00 kr 12.500,00 kr

Salute er et smukt sidebord, som kan pryde din sofa, en lænestol eller stå helt for sig selv i rummet. Materialerne er i højsædet, med en søjle i solid sort marmor og en bakke støbt i massiv kobber.   

Salute is a beautiful sidetable, which can take pride next to your sofa, lounge chair or you can give it a very special place in your living room. The best materials have been chosen for this design, with the column being in solid Black marble and the thick tray in solid copper. 

40 x 42 cm.

Design Sebastian Herkner

the Salute table is sooo heavy! Therefore it must be picked up at our store in Ebeltoft or contact us at for shipping info.